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Nancy Cusick
is the founder of Terra Elementa.
  As a
graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nancy has a background
in printmaking, painting, photography and jewelry making.  Her
artistic talents are at the heart of TE inspiration and design.

"After years of printmaking and working mostly in monochromatic colors,
I became interested in making jewelry while studying anatomy in art school. 
My inspiration began after having a dream about finding a treasure chest filled
with rich colored gems and sparkling crystals.  The context of this dream took
place in a very old, compact studio in a muted rural environment during the
medieval times.  This sparse studio was composed of a chair and a drafting table
with anatomical drawings spread about the room.  One day the room changed
when a treasure trove magically
appeared on top of the table... tempting fate.
Recalling this dream, it occurred to
me that I really craved color and new light. 
So I turned to painting and jewelry
making.  I found jewelry making especially
gratifying because of the sense of immediacy
and satisfaction that came from
making and sharing my inspired treasures with family and
                               Nancy Cusick

Terra Elementa evolved in 2010.  The concept behind TE is to create one-of-a-kind
wearable art pieces that incorporate unique components which consist of natural organic
stones, handmade wire techniques, along with special glass, crystal, beads, unusual
findings and recycled materials.  Contrasting elements are incorporated into the overall
design structure to mirror the contrasts within and to highlight individual beauty, strength
and elegance. 

TE utilizes mixed elements that reflect our environmental complexity.  We are surviving and
thriving in an adaptable society that is rapidly changing.  TE embraces the remnants of these
natural forces by recycling and finding new and creative uses for various materials.

                               Copyright 2010, Terra Elementa.  All rights reserved.